OOO was inspired by a life of travel, adventure, and saying “YES”. Of fearlessly embracing the “Out of Office” auto-response subject line and channeling that spirit in daily life. This launch really is a culmination of the experiences I’ve collected in my time on this beautiful planet. It’s a celebration of the amazing people, places, and memories that have graced my life and left an impact. And with every sketch, every fabric selection, every stitch, I am infusing all of that energy into each piece. With the hope that women who slip into Origin Of Oceans swimwear, feel emboldened and inspired to live their own way, courageously. I hope these suits are part of great stories told again and again in friendship circles. I hope they are part of personal growth moments of enlightenment and self-discovery. I hope they dive into the Aegean and float down lazy rivers in Tulum. I hope they drip dry from outdoor showers in New Zealand. I hope they invite and incite electric moments and unbridled bliss.

Origin Of Oceans essentially means the origin of life. Which I choose to embrace and celebrate everyday. The good, the bad, and the amazing. The earth formed over 4 billion years ago from a mix of comets bringing hydrogen, and the earth already being composed of volcanic rock encompassing H2O, which is the first sign of life that we know of scientifically. And as our knowledge has grown of the importance of the oceans and ocean life to the survival of our planet, even more this meaning of origin of life resonates with me. 

My mission in my swim line is not only to create beautiful swimwear that is of the highest quality and a reliable source for amazing fit and style, but is to create awareness and support the efforts to clean our oceans and beaches to help save, heal, and preserve the life that gives us life. 

With each swimwear purchase, we will donate part of the profits to a non-profit organization for cleaning up the oceans, that is developing and scaling technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Their aim is to put themselves out of business once the oceans are clean. I believe in this mission and I believe in ability to achieve this goal.

Thank you for supporting my dream and mission. It truly means the world and I hope you also want to believe in the origin of life with me.  

So please, join me. Go pick out your first Origin Of Oceans swimwear and #LiveLifeOOO!